Monday, July 10, 2006

Undersea Adventure By Robot

A manufacturer of remote piloted underwater vehicles, SeaEye Marine, has announced that they have sold two of their Falcon ROV's to underwater tour operators.

One unit is going to Roving Eye Enterprises who has been operating the tour service out of Scotland for 10 years. Tours take visitors out to the Scapa Flow, an area where the German fleet scuttled 74 battleships at the end of the First World War rather than let them fall into enemy hands. The tourists can view the remains of the ships through the eyes of the ROV directed through the wreckage. This is an ROV upgrade for them.

The other operator is Caribbean Undersea Adventures in the British Virgin Islands. CUA takes tours to fly through the wrecks from the 1700's as well as the RMS Rhone, a steamship that sank during a hurricane.
The advatages of using an ROV is that non-diving tourists can experience exploring the shipwrecks and can go much deeper than divers.

The published rate for a half-day excursion and dive is $65 per person. This seems to me like a fairly cheap rate. I wonder how much they could charge for the experience from a more remote location. For example would people be interested in taking this virtual dive from a science museum in Kansas?

What other tele-tours might people be interested in? A tour through the core of a nuclear reactor? A trip down the throat of an active volcano? Exploration of Antartica?
Just takes a little money...

Seaeye - What's New



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