Wednesday, July 05, 2006

ASIMO, Motivational Speaker

Asimo has returned to the UK this week to help motivate students to become engineers.
This is Asimo's second visit to the SMMT Industry Forum's Youth Summit where he will preach to over one thousand student and teachers.
The results of last years conference, as measured by a survey instrument, showed that Asimo had converted 49% of the students who did not want to be engineers to believing that they should be.

Asimo reportedly said that he does more to the students than download code into their memories. He relates his life story of coming from a laboratory as barely a pair of stumbling legs to become the superstar that he is today. He shows that it may be possible to overcome any affliction, maybe even one like being an engineer, to become great.

More of Asimo's agenda has not yet been released. There is no word if he will be 'dining' with any of the royal family again.

ASIMO at the Youth Engineering Summit | Technology News Daily


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