Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Families Buy BomBots

Families of Indiana's 209th Quartermaster Company reserve unit deployed in Iraq are raising money to buy Bombots for their soldiers.
According to Lafayette, Indiana Journal Courier:
A car wash, garage sale, fish fry, motorcycle poker run and raffles are all being planned in an effort to raise about $5,000 to purchase a robotic device, called a BomBot, that could check out suspected roadside bombs when members of the water and fuel supply unit are traveling in convoys in Iraq.

The Bombot is a low cost radio controlled robot truck used to scamper around and look for roadside bombs. The relatively low-cost - $5000 - is a new innovation from a West Virginia start-up IRT.

The fund raising was inspired after the deaths and injuries to soldiers in the unit. The effort was started by Saundra Whiddon, grandmother to one of the soldiers. She would like to raise enough money for 3 Bombots.
"This was my personal inspiration for the possibility of acting as Rosie the Riveter-type mothers and grandmothers -- to equip our forces, through a grass-roots movement, with those things that will ensure their being more safe than they have been in the past few months," Saundra Whiddon said.

In other news...the US army is wasting countless billions on worthless crap that will be thrown away. They waste more in an hour than these families can raise with car washes and garage sales.

I know it is not about the money. The families just want to do all they can to support their soldiers while they are at war. However, it just seems like they would have to host a fish fry of Biblical proportions (remember that story about the cornbread and fried fishes) to really make a difference to the troops.

Is buying a $5000 radio controlled toy truck is the best they can do?

These bomb locator robots have been very successful but maybe there is a little too much hype.

Journal and Courier Online - News


Blogger lil' E said...

You have a great blog, kind sir. Thank you for posting all this cool info. I am a robot fan myself! I'll be reading on. Have a good one.

9:26 AM, July 06, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

That bombot looks suspiciously like someone spent $150 at toys r us and bought an RC truck and a webcam. On the other hand if it works, why not?

9:06 AM, July 14, 2006  

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