Sunday, July 02, 2006

Roboticist to Start Post-Apocalypse Commune

"For the past few years, I've been conducting research in robotics, and teaching the subject at various universities. But now I've decided to give it all up because it has become clear to me that this technology is not going to improve the lot of the human race. In fact, it's going to make things worse."

Dylan Evans, author and Senior Lecturer in Intelligent Autonomous Systems at University of the West of England, UK, has decided to quit everything to start a ‘learning community’ commune in northern Scotland.

The community will be founded on the vision of harmony that harkens back to Thomas More’s Utopia and beyond. The vision of the community includes three principles:

1. It will be a LEARNING COMMUNITY - each member must have a distinctive skill or area of knowledge that they can teach to the others.

2. It will be a WORKING COMMUNITY - no money is required from the members, but all must contribute by working.

3. It will be strictly TIME-LIMITED. This is not an attempt to found an ongoing community. Members may stay for up to three months, but may also come for as little as two weeks.

The community will be a sort of training mission for post-apocalypse life. Dr. Evans believes that the mechanization of our society will not only make our situation worse but will lead to the total destruction of civilization:

Is it possible that global civilisation might collapse within our lifetime or that of our children?
Until recently, such an idea was the preserve of lunatics and cults. In the past few years, however, an increasing number of intelligent and credible people have been warning that global collapse is a genuine possibility.

The new doomsayers all point to the same collection of threats…What makes them especially afraid is that many of these dangers are interrelated, with one tending to exacerbate the others.

It is only prudent to start training for a post collapse life now.

The Utopian Experiment will begin in March 2007 but if you are interested you should contact Dr. Evans now, while you still can.

The Utopia Experiment

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