Friday, June 30, 2006

Robot Museum to Open in Japan

From Pink Tentacle:

The Robot Museum, Japan’s first museum fully dedicated to educating visitors about the robots of the world, is scheduled to open in Nagoya’s Sakae district in October, according to a June 29 announcement by Osaka-based robot venture GYROWALK and Osaka-based real estate auction services provider IDU.

The 2,600 square meter museum will center around an exhibition area entitled “Robothink,” where everything from toy robots to industrial robots will be showcased in exhibits covering topics from robot history to the latest in robot technology. Some of the robots that enjoyed the limelight of the 2005 Aichi Expo, held just outside Nagoya, will be prominently featured.

Gyrowalk's vision:
The robotic generation is truly starting to come alive, with the speed and acceleration of change motivated by the admiration of what robots can do for mankind.GyroWalk considers the future of robots as a symbol of dreams and hopes when man and robot can coexist together in harmony.
This generation will experience pure wonderment and surprise when we bear witness to the use of robots in our everyday lives, anticipating that someday robots will be looked upon as free flowing entities as life itself.

Also...Gyrowalk runs Osaka's Robocafe, "A futuristic space where everyone communicates with Robots..."


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