Thursday, June 29, 2006

Korea Picks 'Ubiquitous Robot Companion' Network Partner

From The Korea Herald:

The National Computerization Agency said yesterday it picked KT Corp. to offer a new network-based robot service in September-December on a trial basis.

Network-based robots are dubbed "ubiquitous robotic companions" by Korean government officials, as they will be network-based to provide necessary services anytime, anywhere.

Consumers will enjoy an array of services provided by robots at low costs since URCs will be operated by simply adding voice-recognition servers and networks onto the existing robots, the NCA said.

The NCA and KT will respectively invest 3.5 billion won. They will embark on the project next month, to test contents, functions and reliabilities of the robots before the trial service.

Around 1,000 intelligent robots will be provided at homes and kindergartens across the country during the trial run.

Robots will offer daily news, weather information and recipes, as well as clean up homes. Users will only have to attach recognition codes to necessary spots at homes so that they can direct robots to places they want.

KT will partner with Samsung Electronics, Dasa Tech and Robo Tech in developing public service robot platforms and application servers.

Yujin Robotics, Hanool Robotics, Dasa Tech, Izi Robotics, Korea I.O. Tech and Most I-tech will cooperate with KT in developing home service platforms.

The local market for intelligent robots was estimated at $1 billion in 2004, but it is expected to grow to $4.9 billion in 2007 and $23.1 billion in 2010, according to the NCA.

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