Thursday, July 14, 2005

Robots to Drive Toyota to Success?

Motley Fool believes that robots at Toyota will dominate the expanding world market...

Riding Robots to Riches July 12, 2005

Ordinarily, when you think of a "rule breaker" company -- one showing spectacular growth based on a novel idea that changes the way the world does business -- you think small.

And yet, for all its size, Toyota has a history of thinking like a start-up, of breaking the rules. It wasn't so long ago that the Big Three automakers had the world convinced that hybrid gas-electric automobiles were unworkable, uneconomical, that "the consumer demand just isn't there." But Toyota defied that common wisdom and dared to sell a hybrid car to the consumer market.

"But why stop there?" thought Toyota. It was so much fun crushing Honda the first time, let's do it again. According to a recent report in Japan's Asahi newspaper, Toyota is now taking aim at its Japanese rival in the robot space. While Honda may have won the "cute" vote with its famed ASIMO droid, Toyota now looks like the odds-on favorite to commercialize humanoid robots.

Toyota Partner Teases Asimo

Toyota Takes Aim at Home Robots

Riding Robots to Riches [ Commentary] July 12, 2005


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