Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Asimo Silent About Rumors

Superstar Asimo remained suspiciously silent over rumors that he has been seen traveling in Europe with German sex-doll Andy.

The robot sex doll Andy has also been curiously out of pocket while the rumors build.
Andy’s developer, Micheal Harriman, in Nuremburg was quoted in Ananova as saying Andy is “just like in real life.” But he did not say whether that life includes midnight rendezvous’ with Asimo.

Asimo seen downloading digits for adoring groupie

So far, none of the lurid pictures of Andy peppered around the web show her paired up with anyone.

It has not been confirmed, but reported, that up-and-coming star Toyota Partner was overheard casting doubt over Asimo’s reported trysts with Andy.
Partner reportedly commented that Andy might not be interested in a unit of Asimo’s age and lack of skills.

Toyota Partner. Better skills?

Others have reported that, after recent upgrades, Andy would not be disappointed at all with Asimo’s skill set.

Check back here for more juicy details as they develop.


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