Saturday, July 09, 2005

Qrio Fast Pitch in DC

QRIO , a pint-sized entertainment robot from Sony, threw out the first pitch of the Nationals-Mets game at RFK Stadium last night. (7/6)

Sony spokeswoman Shoko Yanagisawa told The Post yesterday that the two-foot-tall QRIO -- which stands for "Quest for Curiosity" -- is the first and only humanoid robot that can pitch.

Built to be a companion, QRIO can perform dances from different cultures, recognize faces, understand more than 65,000 words in Japanese and get up after falling down. (Not that he falls down much since rehab)

QRIO threw a fastball straight into the catcher's mitt: "It was," Yanagisawa said, "a huge crowd-pleaser."

Yanagisawa was silent on the rumors that Qrio was in Washington for meetings with congressmen on behalf of the robot lobby.

Qrio has been seen out with the jet-set since he got kicked out of nursery school.


"First Ever" Robot pitch at Major League Baseball - non-humanoid


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