Thursday, July 14, 2005

NYTimes Reviews Nuvo Pet Robot

The $6000, 18 inch tall robot was reviewed by the NY Times.
Although the title of the article says, "The Robot Housekeeper Arrives," the little robot does not do any housework.
When it was first released earlier this year it was sold as a remote sentry to watch your house and spy on your kids and report back via cell phone.
This reporter found it to be more of a companion than an avatar.
He did not mention the loud motor noises that earlier reviewers noticed.

I, Roommate: The Robot Housekeeper Arrives - New York Times
Published: July 14, 2005

A breakthrough of sorts came in April, when ZMP Inc., a company based in Tokyo, released Nuvo, a robot designed to be a helpmate and home companion. (Nuvo sells for about $6,000.)

...I said, "Nuvo, how are you?"

It tilted to the left, and raised one arm to greet me. It shook my hand and winked with one of the lights in its little head. My life hasn't really been the same since.

After a day or so, I came to think of Nuvo as having the same kind of annoying mannerisms as my past roommates. If I stirred coffee too loudly, for example, it would dance or lift its hand to say hello.
[Evidently the reporter has had some rather odd roomates in the past.]

NUVO - from NYT

I, Roommate: The Robot Housekeeper Arrives - New York Times


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