Thursday, July 07, 2005

Korean Home Robots by 2008

Home Application Robots to Debut in 2008
By Kim Tae-gyu

Smart home robots will be a part of our lives in a couple of years, according to Chonnam National University professor Park Jong-oh.

``We plan to form a project team early next year of robotics researchers in Cholla Province and make an alliance with private robot makers. We aim to introduce the multifunction household robots in 2008,’’ he said.

Park’s team plans to add various robotic capabilities, such as movement and intelligence, to conventional home appliances.

Park showed a glimpse of the new-concept robot, an all-in-one model named THARO, which has many functions including an air cleaner, TV and a water purifier in a single platform.

Just what I always needed, a water purifier in my robot TV.

The Korea Times : Home Application Robots to Debut in 2008

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