Saturday, July 09, 2005

Eyes for Low-Cost Factory Robots

Pint-sized Assemblers

Tabletop robots are becoming increasingly common, doing everything from driving fasteners and dispensing adhesives to creating solder joints in the electronics sector.

According to Vladimir Siroky, president of I&J Fisnar Inc. (Fair Lawn, NJ), there are a number of reasons for this trend, not the least of which is cost.
“We have units for under $5,000,” he says. “Now a job shop of two people can afford [robotics]. Even a hobbyist making trinkets can afford it these days.”

Another reason for the growth in the small robot market is increased capability.

according to John Dulchinos, vice president and general manager of robotics for Adept Technology Inc. (Livermore, CA), in many cases vision is an “integral part” of what small robots do.

Thomas Rougeux, sales manager for Visumatic Industrial Products Inc. (Lexington, KY), agrees.
In addition to locating holes, his company’s systems can perform inspections and create a permanent records of their work.

“Plan, do, check,” says Peter Cavallo, sales manager for Denso Robotics (Long Beach, CA), summing up his company’s philosophy when it comes to its robots. “We’ve made sure that any of the products we introduce can work with vision.”

Pint-sized Assemblers


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