Monday, October 02, 2006

Robots For Christmas

Toymaker Hasbro released their list of toys they are promoting this year for holiday season.

As far as robots go, I was not all that impressed. They have their Furreal creatures like Butterscotch the pony and your various Furreal chimps and doggies. They have your next generation pooping doll, Baby Alive. Yawn.

The toy I liked the best is the Nerf Cosmic Catch ball. I guess it is stretching the definition a bit to say that this is a robot ball, but it is pretty smart.

The players each where a colored RFID wrist strap. The smart ball knows what colored hand it is in. It calls out "purple!" "red!" "green!", etc and you have to throw the ball to right person. Cosmic!

It plays other color coordinated catch games as well. If I were a kid I would want one. Only $25 .

Hasbro media - release


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