Thursday, February 09, 2006

Cute Robot Pony, Butterscotch

Ugobe is not the only company planning to woo our kids with cute robot creatures. Hasbro is unveiling their new Furreal creature, Butterscotch, the lifesize miniature pony.

According to their press release:

The BUTTERSCOTCH pony will amaze kids and adults alike with her level of “awareness” and realism.

With built-in light and sound sensors, the BUTTERSCOTCH pony can tell what is happening around her. If it suddenly gets dark, she may become frightened and need a hug from her caregiver. She will also turn her head in response to noises, and relies on calm, soothing voices to settle her. Whether grooming her, playing with her or even climbing on her back, pretending to gallop into the sunset, the BUTTERSCOTCH pony can be a child’s best friend and a parents solution to satisfying their child’s greatest dream without having to build a barn.

“Hasbro has created a breakthrough product that both continues the success of the FURREAL FRIENDS line and defines the future of the toy industry,” said toy and children’s lifestyle expert Chris Byrne, also known as The Toy Guy®. “BUTTERSCOTCH is both a marvel of engineering and technology and a classic 'dream toy'--a virtually real horse that girls can love and care for."

Scheduled for release in Fall 2006, the approximate retail price will be $299.99.



Blogger Steve Litchfield said...

It's an amazing toy. Ever since I saw AI (the movie), I've hoped toys would go in this direction, with autonomous, animatronic animals that comfort, communicate and entertain. The FurReal range is certainly a step in this direction, with Butterscotch (pony) being the best effort so far, although the price here in Europe is outrageous.

Steve Litchfield

6:37 AM, November 21, 2006  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I think it's pathetic to create a $300.00 toy that every little girl would want obviously, and market it on every children's TV station. I refuse to buy it on the grounds that Hasbro is trying to milk parents out of their last dime with a toy that the kids will be bored with within hours. If it was 100-150, I'd think about it, but this is a pathetic scam. Shame on Hasbro for it.

11:35 AM, November 25, 2006  

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