Saturday, September 23, 2006

Taiwan Predicts Robot Industry Growth

Taiwan's Industrial Development Bureau (IDB), part of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, predicts huge growth in their robot industry.
The bureau said that while Japan and South Korea are focusing research on "housekeeping robots", Taiwan would concentrate on "security robots". Security robots will be used for "household surveillance, intruder alarms and emergency notification."

They expect that by 2016, robot manufacturing could create 22,000 more jobs and make up 1.35 percent of their gross domestic product (GDP).
The output of the business would be NT$250 billion with exports of NT$175 billion. (US $7.6 bill and exports of US $5.3 billion)

They expect that by 2020 worlwide production of robots will be at least US $1.4 trillion and will exceed automotive manufacturing.

China Post - Taiwan Business,World Business,台灣財經



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