Monday, September 25, 2006

Rotundus Gets Rolling with Equity Support

The Swedish microelectronics company Angstrom Aerospace has taken an equity stake in the rolling robot venture Rotundus.

Angstrom Aerospace was founded to commercialize the micro and nano technology electronics and MEMS from the Angstrom Space Technology Center at Uppsala University in Uppsala, Sweden.

Rotundus was formed in 2004 by the ASTC and Uppsala University to commercialize their Rotundus spherical surveillance robot.

The Rotundus robot is a sphere that rolls around looking at things and sensing with its sensors. It is powered by an internal pendulum and has no exposed moving parts but it can chase you up at to 10 km/hr (6.2 m/hr).

The robot shpere was originally designed for the exploration of mars but is now being promoted for security work.

Ångström Aerospace CEO Dr. Fredrik Bruhn says the investment in Rotundus will give them a "front seat to the security market."

�ngstr�m Aerospace Corporation, the no 1 in MEMS for aerospace



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