Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Boxing Robots

How do you control the natural instinct to knock the crap out of your friends?

People nowadays take out their competitive energies through video games.

But when battling in the virtual world on a computer or tv screen just isn't enough anymore...

Use battle robots, of course! Battle Zone Boxing Fighters

Remote controlled boxing robots with all the bells and whistles. For $60 you get two 7" tall boxers and controllers. The robots come with full sound effects including a cheering crowd.

If you still want the original Rock Em Sock Em Robots but can't move from in front of the television you will soon be able to get the old-school controllers that connect directly to the tv for hours of on-screen action. You can choose multiple robots and arenas to make your friends cry, "You knocked my block off!" Rock Em Sock Em Plug and Play


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