Monday, September 18, 2006

Pest Exterminator Robot

A new patent application was published for a robot pest exterminator system. The system is made up of a location that attracts pests - fleas, ticks and their ilk - and a robot that goes to the attractant areas and catches or kills the bugs.

It might work like this:
You string a plastic tube with timy holes around the edge of your yard. The hose is fed by a drip system of tick pheromones or some other attractant. Then a robot drives around the hose and delivers minute amounts of insecticide or just sucks them up inside and kills them. The point of the system is that you keep your toxic chemicals inside the robot and you deliver only as much as is needed rather than coating your whole yard with the stuff.

The patent names the inventors as a bunch of engineers from Virginia Military Institute who call their baby the 'Tick Rover' robot. (Lawn Robot Chases Bugs)

Tick Rover drags a cloth treated with insecticide which attracts and kills ticks as it trolls the yard along a wire path.

US Patent Application #20060204531

A robo tick killer (pdf)


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