Monday, September 18, 2006

Robot Knee Surgeon

It seems that robot assisted surgery is proving to be quite an advantage over old unassisted shaky human hand.

Here is another entry into the operating room:

MAKO is a privately held 2004 startup that makes a surgical robot with their patented Haptic Guidance System to make quick work out of knee surgery.
The use of the MAKO robot for knee arthroplasty - or as they call it the MAKOplasty(TM) procedure - can reduce the damage and improve recovery times for the patient. Instead of replacing the whole knee the surgeon has precise control via the robot to sculpt the knee and replace only what is needed. And the operation can be performed through a small hole.

Governor Jeb Bush visited the company, which is located in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, to encourage them to grow their businesses in Florida. He also had to thank them for not only contributing to the local economy but for helping the citizens of Florida who need lots of replacement knees.

Governor Bush Tours MAKO Surgical Headquarters; Reviews Breakthrough Robotic System for Least Invasive Orthopedic Surgery: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance


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