Monday, December 11, 2006

ASIMO Collapses On Stage

Amid rumors swirling around Asimo's rock-star lifestyle, fans were aghast when he collapsed during a live performance. His press corps maintained their usual silence while speculation grows that his busy schedule and pressures from the launch of his new film career may be taking their toll.

He has recently been in Germany filming a series of commercials for Honda that will appear on British television. The director of the project says that he has been well behaved but he is not very flexible when it comes to making adjustments on the set.

According to The Independent online, "Asimo does not have the prima-donna tendencies of a lead actor." But he is still learning the craft. The article says of the director, "He endured a "slow, arduous and painful process" where the slightest diversion from the script called for advanced mathematics, re-programming and the loss of hours of valuable filming time."

The advertising campaign is said to begin today with the launch of short scenes being released onto iTunes. One wonders whether the live performance breakdown is a sign that Asimo is overplaying his battery life or maybe this is just a couch-jumping stunt to start the buzz about his new films. Asimo emerged from rehab last year with significant upgrades - could we be seeing a relapse?

Either way, this darling of science, big business, government and royalty is bound to come through this more popular than ever with his reputation unscathed.

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