Thursday, December 07, 2006

K-TEAM Next Gen Mini Robot

Swiss company K-Team Corporation has released their next generation mini mobile robot for research and education.

The Khepera III is the latest version of the Khepera line that has been used in education for ten years.

Thew Khepera III is 130 mm in diamater and 70 mm tall. It is designed to work on a tabletop or run around on a lab floor.

It comes with 8 looking-out and 2 ground-looking infra-red sensors and 5 ultra sonic sensors. It has an embedded Linux operating system and communicates via serial or USB.

It can be upgraded for wireless communication, color camera and miniature manipulator. Also, the open-source interfaces can be adapted to almost any application.

The cost is not shown on the website yet. The Khepera II is in the US $1300 range depending on the options.

See the movie...

K-TEAM Corporation


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