Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Asimo Travels to Philippines

Superstar robot Asimo added another duty to his portfolio as he traveled to Manila, Philippines as Japan's Ambassador of Technology.

In an elegant reception in the Grand Ballroom of Mandarin Oriental, Asimo represented Japan in celebration of 50 years of Philippine-Japan Friendship.

The details of the robot diplomat's agenda for the visit were not available.
When Asimo visited in 2003 he was cheered by 10,000 fans after a meeting with President Gloria Arroyo.
He also known to take advantage of all 26 of his degrees of freedom in after-hours shenanigans.

Japan and Philippines agreed on the basic political points of a free trade agreement in 2004 and are hoping to close on the details this year.
Some of the sticking points of the Japan-Philippines Economic Partnership Agreement (JPEPA) may include Philippines desire for more workers allowed in Japan - especially nursing and healthcare workers.

It is not clear whether Asimo will take a hard line on limiting immigrant healthcare workers. It is widely known that Japan has been spending large amounts of research dollars on healthcare robots. Asimo may lean toward supporting his mechanical cousins rather than allowing more foreign nurses.

Manila Bulletin Online


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