Thursday, November 09, 2006

Ride the Robot

Industrial robot manufacturer Kuka and Canadian amusement park ride designer Primal Rides have joined forces to produce themed rides based on a Kuka robot arm.

The 6 degree of freedom arm has been used before as a ride called Robocoaster.
The arm can carry over 1000 pounds (500 kg) out to a 3.3 meter reach. It is capable of accelerating the payload to 2g's.

Evidently the Robocoaster just shook you around until you puked. The Primal Rides game will be fully interactive. The planned "Fight or Fright" ride will challenge participants to shoot at themed targets for points. As the rider's points go up, the targets and speed of the ride increase - until you barf.

Primal Rides plans to offer the ride designs around robot arms and be able to change the game or the theme without replacing the expensive body-slamming hardware.

KUKA Robotics and Primal Rides Sign System Partner Agreement for New Fully Interactive Amusement Ride: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I can say from expirence that this arm can be as gentle or violent as you want. Maybe this ride will show up in a children's section???

7:45 AM, November 13, 2006  

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