Saturday, November 04, 2006

Soft Touch Robot Arm Extends Helping Hand

The Katana robot arm from Swiss company Neuronics AG is designed to work with a human partner.
The arm weighs about 4kg and has a payload capability of 500 grams with a 60 cm reach. (About 1 pound lift with 2 foot reach) It can position the grippers to within +/- 0.1mm accuracy.

The light touch and slow movement of the arm makes it perfect for working with a person. No guard or human exclusion zone are needed. The arm can automate tedious locating tasks for a person and can position a workpiece much more accurately than a person ever could.

The robot hand can be equipped with all kinds of sensors and grippers: soft fingers, vacuum pick-up, sensors for pressure, infrared, conductivity or anything else you can think of.

It can also be mounted on a small cart to carry things around the lab for you.

It comes in 5 and 6 degree of freedom models and you can expect the price to start around US $25K.

Neuronics AG - Intelligent Automation


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