Saturday, November 04, 2006

Tennis Robot

The perfect tennis partner.

The SwingShot Tennis Mate tennis robot from Astro Research Corporation.
Astro Research is a Japanese firm specializing in satellites and launch services. So naturally their research led to the invention of a tennis robot. But, no, the Tennis Mate does not launch balls into orbit.
The robot uses a real tennis racket to serve the balls with an easy lob or advanced power-serve. The robot takes commands from remote control or pre-set parameters from its control panel. The hopper holds 150 balls - enough to warm up any serious tennis player or wear out any normal person.
A special non-speaking feature allows the robot to sit there quietly even if the player swears at it and insults its family.

It will sell for around 840000 yen (US$7100). They are targeting tennis clubs and schools.

See a video here:


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