Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Lucky the Incredible Wonder Pup

I continue to be amazed by the toys that are coming out. This one will sell out quick!

Lucky The Incredible Wonder Pet can do 15 tricks from voice commands - the usual doggy stuff: shake, sit, come, bark "Take me out to the ballgame". He walks, he talks, just like a real dog.
This is intended for kids 5-9 years old which means it is probably durable. But it looks like it would be fun for everyone. I admit I have not seen one yet.

Reviews say that the voice recognition works great right out of the box. It retails for US $60.

The manufacturer, Zizzle, says they kept the cost low by using an inexpensive chip for the doggy brains.
Lucky's intelligence comes from Sensory Inc's RSC-4128 microprocessor. The chip includes speech recognition, speech synthesis, an 8-bit microcontroller and 128k ROM all on a single chip. It can be had for under $2 per unit in large quantities.

Throw on a tail, some big round eyes, then wrap it in fur and you got yourself a blockbuster toy.

I have seen the future of robots and it is fuzzy.


Anonymous rubin_family@yahoo.com said...

I have a lucky dog.
where do I get instuctions?
Is there a website I can print them from?
Sam Rubin

12:03 PM, January 05, 2011  

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