Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Fire Fighting Robot

A new fire fighting robot from InRob Tech (OTC BB:IRBL.OB). You may remember InRob from the remote controlled bulldozer, remote control Hummer upgrade kit and various bomb robots.

Their new firefighter, FFR-1, is a little monster. It weighs in at 940 kg (almost 2100 lbs). It runs on treads and can climb up to 30 degree incline dragging a 3 inch firehose. It is not meant for crawling into small spaces - it is about 5 feet long and 4 feet wide and tall. But it probably can go through walls anyway. The all electric power will run for 3 hours.

The FFR-1 is operated from a portable remote control and can go deep into the hot fire zone. The specs say that the cooling system allows it to stay at only 600 C when the outside temperature is up to 6000 C (that's really, really, hot in degrees F).

see the video.

It comes with vision and thermal imaging cameras. Of course can be upgraded with radiation, chemical and biological sensors - the works.

InRob Adds New Features to Its Wireless Fire Fighting and Rescue Robot: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance


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