Monday, January 16, 2006

Remote Controlled Hummer

LAS VEGAS, PRIMEZONE) -- InRob Tech Ltd. (OTC BB:IRBL.OB), announced that it has successfully completed the development and field trials of a remote control system installed on a Hummer jeep.
Any function that a driver can perform in the vehicle can now be remotely managed by an operator at distances of up to 1.8 miles.
Moreover, in the same way that a driver can see the dashboard and in-vehicle dials and meters, the operator can see all these parameters on his control unit.
In addition, other add-on systems such as observation, transmission or video can be installed on the vehicle and operated by InRob Tech's same remote control system.

Ben Tsur Joseph, CEO of InRob Tech. ``The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) put our system through the most rigorous of testing and we are very pleased with the results and positive feedback."

InRob Tech's remote control system for the Hummer sells for approximately $70,000 per unit.

InRob Tech Ltd. Completes Military Trials of Remotely Controlled Hummer: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance


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