Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Asimo Plans African Coup

Excitement is already building for the appearance of Asimo at Auto Africa 2006 in Johannesburg from October 26 to November 5.

Says Hiroaki Shibata, Managing Director of Honda SA, "Getting ASIMO to come to Auto Africa is a real coup for Honda South Africa. Our reasoning in bringing the world'’s most advanced humanoid robot to the show wasn't just about finding something eye-catching for our stand."

There could be many other reasons why Asimo chooses this time to visit Africa. Our sources have found no relationship between Asimo and Sir Mark Thatcher who recently narrowly avoided jail time after his conviction for planning a coup in Equatorial Guinea. I don't know how these rumors start.

Asimo will most likely meet with industry leaders and government officials in between his notorious late night romps. As Japan's technology ambassador Asimo has been honored by governments around the world. He will be appearing in Brussels this week for EU's European Researchers Night.

Even though he is spread thin with business deals, research, politics and his own theater, Asimo is constantly asked about his big-screen plans. It was rumored that he refused the role of the next James Bond because the lifestyle of the fictional playboy was just too much like his own. The latest buzz is that Asimo is a front runner for the next Terminator flick.