Friday, September 08, 2006

Buy Your Robots Here

After countless requests I have finally opened an online store where you can buy your robots, robot books, robot toys and miscellaneous robot sundries.

It may also help me to pay my rent.

Visit the Robot Gossip Roboteria and check out the cool stuff.

How it works, right now, is that I get to choose 9 ultra-needed items from Amazon to feature on the Roboteria front page. I will try to keep these items interesting.

I build the other category pages from searches of Amazon stuff like household robots, books about building robots, robot toys, etc, etc.
Of course you also have access to everything on amazon through Roboteria so make sure you do all your shopping from there. I think you can probably buy all your groceries, clothes, furniture, appliances and everything. Then I'll be rich! I'll have 25 dollars a month to splurge on anything. I can picture it now: the sailboat, the mansions, robots to serve my every need... it will be grand!

Visit Roboteria.


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