Tuesday, May 16, 2006

India PM Promises Robot Army

New Delhi, May 14:
Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today said the country would soon embark upon production of cutting edge technology weapons in sensors, robotics, propulsion systems, stealth and fighting wars through use of remote technology.

The Prime Minister said such futuristic weapons systems were also needed to contend with trans-national actors and unconventional forces which were emerging as threats to the international order.

"DRDO aims to create new range of products and technologies. These include cutting technologies in propulsion systems, camouflage and stealth technologies, sensors and micro-electromagnetic systems, as well as precision guided munitions, robotics and unmanned vehicle technologies," Singh said after inaugurating the Defence Research and Development Organisation`s (DRDO) new building adjacent to South Block.

Emphasising that DRDO had to bring commercial value to the laboratory both directly and indirectly, Singh suggested to defence scientists that weapons production should also have commercial spinoffs, which would generate profits to be recycled into more effective research.

"We must link industry, consumers and even our defence industry in a virtuous circle which benefits all players", the Prime Minister said.

High tech weapons development to start a 'virtuous circle which benefits all'? Hmmmm. Could there be some unintended consequences of this plan?

Zee News - India to embark upon robotics, remote tech weapons: PM


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