Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Relationship Robot Goes Virtual

NEC's research robot PaPeRo has the new ability to slide online and become virtual. The table-top friend can upload himself to your PDA and become 'PaPeRo CG'. You can interact with the CG robot in the same way you would with the physical model then download the memory back into the plastic butler when you get home.

PaPeRo is a robot designed to interact with people. It has face and voice recognition and changes personality depending on conditions. It is also allowed to explore on its own - both physically and online - when left alone.

NEC has been using the PaPeRo platform for various ways of improving interface with humans. One version has been outfitted with special sensors in the hand to identify food to help monitor your diet.

NEC has PaPeRo training
with a popular Japanese comedian, Zenjiro, in order to improve its ability to communicate with humans.

It is of course most widely known for its resemblance to the rude little brats on South Park.

NEC's Companion Robot Gets A Virtual Buddy


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