Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Chinese Robots: An Artist and an Expressionist

Quoted from China Economic Net:

Two newest robots to mimic humans developed by the Institute of Automation of the Chinese China's Academy of Sciences faced the public in the afternoon of May 9th at the foundation laying ceremony of the China Science & Technology Museum's new facility at Beijing's Olympic Park.

These two versions of robots were individually China's first robot, called Tong Tong, that can mimic human expressions and China's maiden robot called Bei Qi that can draw like humans. The former can show expressions through its eyes, using winks and blinks and the latter can draw on the spot. Both represent the current highest level of achievement of China's robotic research aiming to mimic humans.

Research analysts said that these two types of robots were both first of its kind to be created in China and exhibit some unique characteristics in certain critical technological areas. They can be used extensively in arenas such as science exhibition halls, malls and toyland and have very expansive market prospects.

Chinese robots can "wink" and "draw"


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