Thursday, February 09, 2006

QRIO Still Working as UN Envoy

What do recently unemployed QRIO and former US president Bill Clinton have in common?

They both have landed gigs as emissaries for the UN.

QRIO recently showed up in Sao Paolo, Brazil to encourage kids learn science.
He is on a world tour for the National Federation of UNESCO Associations in Japan.
His trip will include many stops in Brazil.
Perfect timing for Carnival?

It wasn't all science for this bot-about-town, as he was seen lost in the forbidden dance.
"It surprised me when (the robot) danced samba," said Gustavo Vencigueri Azedo, 10, as he mimicked the robot's steps of Brazil's national dance.

Maybe he was out a bit late because students said that during his appearance he "stumbled and got back up, reacting to sounds and talking to students in Portuguese."

As usual he was quite a hit with the girls.
"Izzo could hardly conceal the excitement in her voice as she described the scene, adding the encounter has inspired her classmates to pay more attention in science classes."

This is not the first foray into politics for the video superstar robot. He has been reported schmoozing in Washington DC and in Canada as an ambassador without portfolio of sorts.
Previously QRIO's Science Program have taken him on tours around Asia.

The Japan Times Online - UN Robot Envoy -


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