Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bomb Robots in Bulgaria

Two MR-5 mobile robots have entered the ranks of Bulgarian police to help for identifying and disarming explosive devices.

The new mobile facilities, popularly known among policemen as Mr Five, are part of a donation by the US government to Bulgaria's Interior Ministry at the cost of USD 800,000.

Each robot weighs 300 kg, in full equipment, can move on whatsoever terrain and can be directed remotely through an optic wire.

"I hope these robots are never needed, but if they are needed, Bulgaria will have the best possible technology to protect the lives of its policemen and its citizens," the US Ambassador to Sofia, John R. Beyrle.

From the picture it looks like the robots sent to Bulgaria are Mr 5's built by Toronto, Canada based Engineering Service, Inc, ESI.

Robots Boost Bulgarian Police Forces


Anonymous Clay Fox said...

The robots given to Bulgaria via the US State Department were manufactured by WM Robots in Colmar, PA USA. To separate the differences between the WM Robots version and the ESI version, the WM Robots robot is now called the KNIGHT, and has significant mechanical and electrical improvements over the ESI base. 215-822-2525

7:01 AM, July 12, 2006  

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