Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Robot Beggar Works for the materially deprived

Beggar (a robot for the materially deprived)

Beggar talks to you and passers-by can put money on his retractable arms. If you call the phone number hanging around its neck, a computer voice explains the purpose of the robot's action.

"Žicar" can step up in the name of the materially deprived, while at the same time preserving their anonymity and dignity. It has access to areas normally off-limits to beggars, such as shopping malls and community events, where the richer part of the society frequents - the part of society that is only able to show some sympathy towards the marginalized if they communicate from a safe distance and via a technological interface.
The robot for the materially deprived is constructed entirely from old computer hardware and a few spare parts that can be obtained at no cost. Computers are nowadays more or less treated as basic home equipment and cultural code, no longer reserved for a few privileged individuals as a technology.

A work by Saso Sedlacek

This will give something for the new Korean police robots to train on.

More picures

we make money not art: Beggar, a robot for the materially deprived


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