Sunday, January 08, 2006

Robot Attacked in Posh SF Neighborhood

Apparently humans can be just as dangerous and unpredicatable as industrial robots.
It is unclear if this is an anti-robot motivated attack.

San Francisco Chronicle
Matier and Ross

About two years ago, Robert Mailer Anderson, author of the book "Boonville," installed a giant, metal robot sculpture in his yard overlooking upper Broadway -- just a few houses down from the well-heeled Gettys.

Goliath (as he is referred to by his owner) is the creation of Berkeley artist Nemo Gould. And what a creation he is -- Goliath comes with a light in his head and a red-and-white swirling "hypno-vision" wheel in his chest.

Goliath is also anatomically correct -- some might say overly correct -- with a very long steel gas pump nozzle and hose for a penis.

"Ninety-nine people out of a hundred seem to think it's a nice thing," Anderson said. "But there is always one person who doesn't like things."

According to a police report, on the night of Dec. 19, someone bashed the living daylights out of Goliath, busting open his head and tearing off other pieces as well -- though not his oft-attacked appendage.
"The sculpture is lucky to be alive,'' Anderson said. He estimates damage at between $5,000 and $10,000.

...there was a trail of robot pieces -- including a Santa hat -- that led across the street, in the direction of the home of Oracle founder Larry Ellison.

Apparently, Ellison's college-age daughter Megan Ellison had thrown a party the night of the attack. Putting two and two together, it appears a couple of revelers may have been the attackers.

"We're trying to keep a low profile, but obviously from your call, people have been talking," he said.

Goliath the robot attacked in Pacific Heights


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