Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Life Size Fighting Robot

This robot, Fighting Android FA1, is designed for training in boxing and martial arts. I wonder if you can use it for protection and just forget the training.
It would be fun to taunt people with it in bars. Get it into fights.

Medical research has shown that boxing and contact martial arts can lead to numerous acute health problems.

Self Defense Technologies, Inc. (SDT) has developed the world’s first “true” fighting android. Specifically, SDT’s invention is known as an electromechanical training apparatus or Fighting Android FA1.

The apparatus is human-like in shape, size and appearance to include a head, torso, legs and arms.
The invention embodies a life-like electromechanical device that moves backwards and forward, rotates and dodges to the left and right to avoid punches with human-like movement.
The device can throw an array of punches towards the fighter with either hand. Some of the punches capable of being thrown include, a straight punch, a single or double jab, an upper cut, a right or left cross, a hook, and various combinations of these punches. The device typically throws these punches towards the head, torso or arm regions of the fighter. Alternatively, the device may assume a defensive posture or throw a counter punching sequence towards the fighter.

Impact recording sensors may be placed at strategic locations on the device, such as the face, chest, arms and ribcage regions for awarding points. Data output from these sensors may be fed into an added circuit that counts the points scored for display on a screen. The points scored may include the total number of delivered punches landed in each region. Various point values are assigned for hitting different regions and for the amount of force delivered by a punch.

Self Defense Technologies, Inc.


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