Thursday, October 12, 2006

Automate Your Own Car!

Here it is! A complete retrofit kit to turn your car into a more useful member of the family.

Utah company Kairos Autonomi offers the Pronto4 Retrofit Kit. It can turn any steering wheel vehicle into an autonomous robot machine in just a few hours. The kit will allow your vehicle to be remote controlled, remote guided or autonomous. You can still drive the car normally even after it is installed. It is all military garde hardware - mainly because that is who their customer is - and it is JAUS (Joint Architecture for Unmanned Systems)Compliant so it obeys orders from the Army.

This would be the perfect add-on for those days when you need to pick up the kids from school but you don't want to miss Oprah. Or maybe after too many hours at the pub, you can sleep in the back seat while your car takes you home.

The kit includes all the hardware and software to get you started. It is made of standard off-the-shelf parts and it has plenty of expansion capability.

Kairos Autonomi - The Pronto4™ Retrofit Kit


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