Monday, October 09, 2006

Unmanned Live fire Demo

Unmanned live fire demostartions for Defense Advanced Projects Research Agency (DARPA)took place at Warren Grove Air National Guard Bombing Range in Warren Grove, NJ in late Spetember.

The tests included the use of Metal Storm (NASDAQ: MTSX) 40 mm weapons system firing from Dragonfly Pictures Inc DP-5X vertical take off and landing unmanned aircraft.

The demostrations showed firing from a hovering position and forward moving strafing runs.

The Metal Storm weapons have completely electronic firing control with no moving parts except the projectile. This is ideal for computer control and unattended operation.
Dragonfly Pictures, Inc. (DPI) unmanned vehicles are designed for unmanned aerial platforms for photography and imaging. The DP-5X is 165 lbs with a payload capacity of 150 lbs.

Metal Storm Limited - Electronically initiated 'stacked projectile' weapon technology


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