Friday, April 13, 2007

Brewster Rockit

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

New Robots Clean Pools

Home vacuum robot maker iRobot (NASDAQ: IRBT)has launched two new pool-cleaner robots for home use.
The two robots, Verro 300 and Verro 600, are available now for $800 and $1200.
The 300 model uses water jet and vacuum to suck up debris from the pool. The Verro 600 uses brushes along with the vacuum and filter.

Drop the robot into the water and it will clean the pool in 60 to 90 minutes. The robots require a power umbilical plugged in but do not need any hose connection to the pool's pump.
They will also not gawk at your sunbathing teenage daughter.

Will pool robots put pool service companies out of business? No. There is a lot more to maintaining a pool than sweeping up the leaves.

Pool cleaning robots are not new by any means.
iRobot worked with the Aqua Products Group companies to develop their robots.
Another maker of pool cleaner robots is Maytronics in Isreal.

iRobot Corporation: Press Release

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Security Robot SeQ-1

From Taiwan's Central News Agency,
Hopefully we will see some pictures soon.

Taipei, April 11 (CNA) Taiwan's Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) has developed a new security robot, called "SeQ-1," in collaboration with the Shin Kong Security Co., an ITRI spokesman said Wednesday.

The SeQ-1 robot will soon join the national security system, the spokesman said, adding that the name "SeQ-1" refers to the robot's "security" role as well as its "Q&A" function and cute appearance.

According to the spokesman, the SeQ-1 robot has a futuristic external form, an agile head which can turn easily, and large LED eyes that turn on automatically in the dark.

ITRI integrated an "environment security system" into SeQ-1's robot platform system which enables the robot to have immediate interaction with security monitoring systems and marks a big difference between the SeQ-1 and foreign security robots, the spokesman said.


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