Monday, October 01, 2007

iRobot In The Gutter

Roomba maker iRobot has introduced a new household robot, the Looj, made for cleaning rain gutters.

You just drop the small Looj into you gutter and it "augers" it way through and ejects the crappy buildup out and away. Just in time for the fall season.

The price range from US $100 to $170 depending on the options you get. Available now from the iRobot web store. I would guess that it will be available in suburban Home Depots soon. And also available to clear the rain gutters in your third world countries.

I like the belt holster. I can help you to climb the ladder sure, but also wearing it around the yard would make you the coolest guy in the 'hood.

iRobot Corporation: About Looj

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Anonymous charleston forge said...

Tell me more things about this, I am a big fan of your blog.

3:24 PM, June 18, 2010  
Anonymous Vu Nguyen said...

I saw this at a convention. It's neat and all, but it would only work if you have already been keeping regular maintenance with your gutters. I can see heavily dirty gutters causing this thing to not be very effective. The reason for that is because it's basically a fan in front of the robot. If there's enough stuff "caked" into the gutter, the "fan" would just tap on the dirt, and that's it.

Anyway, great idea.. I hope they continue to improve it.

Vu Nguyen
The Robotics Academy

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7:08 AM, July 02, 2010  

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