Thursday, June 21, 2007

Robots Get Voice in US Congress

In a demonstration of their growing influence, robots are gaining a
political foothold to help them shape the policies of the US government.

Congressman Mike Doyle, a Democrat from Pennsylvania's 14 district and ZachWamp a Republican from Tennessee's 3rd, announced the formation of a bi-partisan Congressional Caucus for robots.
Congressman Doyle explains that robots are "being used to defend our nation, perform surgery, fill prescriptions, deliver supplies and materials, and even as tools to educate our children..."
" is important that we create a forum by which Congress can familiarize itself with the impact this first great technology of the 21st century is likely to have on the lives of all Americans."

Their press release states the proposed public reasons for the creation of the group:
The preliminary, proposed goals of the bipartisan Robotics Caucus will include, but are not limited to:

-- Increasing general awareness of robotics industry challenges and issues among Members of Congress and policy analysts in the federal government;
-- Educating Members of Congress and congressional staff on current and future research, development, and utilization initiatives involving robotics;
-- Serving as a forum where robotics-related policy issues can be discussed and debated; and
-- Ensuring that our nation remains globally competitive as the robotics industry rapidly expands and begins to exert a profound effect on the way our citizens live their lives.

Obviously the goals will also include strong-arming representatives to pass legislation favorable to robots and promoting the robot agenda.

Generally the political types lag the real world on new issues so this move also shows that robot are truly becoming an important and growing part of our civilization.

Doyle andWamp Launch Congressional Caucus on Robotics - Yahoo! News

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