Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Wheelchairs That Think

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Engineers at Lehigh and Carnegie Mellon universities, working with a Philadelphia-based start-up, have integrated robotics, laser and wireless technologies into a new system that promises to make it safer and cheaper for wheelchair users to drive a car.
ScienceDaily: Robotics, Laser And Wireless Technologies Make Driving Safer For Wheelchair Users

In his research Sven Rönnbäck of Luleå University of Technology in Sweden has developed a new prototype wheelchair that can be either driven manually or remote controlled but can also navigate on its own.

Adaptive, sensor-laden garments could provide a new way for quadriplegics to control their wheelchairs. ...the researchers are developing an adaptive device using sensor-laden fabric. The garment is printed with 52 flexible, piezoresistive sensors developed at the University of Pisa.
MIT Technology Review

Home helper robot
Biped locomotor


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