Thursday, August 24, 2006

Programmable Robot Toy Mech

The start-up company D2E Robotics formed by Daeduk College in Taejon, Korea, has announced their first foray into commercial toy robots for the home.
They say their robot, the D2V-ZN, will be, "arguably be the smartest robot in the market."
The 2-foot tall robot will be fully programmable from a pc. It will have a built in camera and capability for face and voice recognition.
I like the look of the backward-knee chicken legs, but the arms look like they have fake machine guns instead of grabbers. Will it be able to hold anything?

The robot is the beginning of a plan to launch the business, and Daeduk College, onto the top of the heap in Korea's booming robot industry. They hope to have a majority market share in the Korean toy robot business by 2008 and overseas markets by 2010. The ultimate goal is to be a major player in the service robot business by 2012.

The Korea Times : Korea to Unveil Programmable Robot in October


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