Saturday, July 29, 2006

Robot Sommelier

NEC's rotund little robot PaPeRo was recently spotted all over Paris. Now the reason becomes clear.
He was evidently in France for wine tasting training.

NEC and MIE University have coaxed the little robot into identifying 30 types of wine and expect that he will learn many more.

Without a mouth he tastes the wine through infrared light and sensors in a special finger. Last year he had learned to analyze the nutritional content of food by tasting it. What's next? Biometric id of people by taste? ("Hey! Pull my finger!")

The PaPeRo robot platform is designed for research in creating a personal robot for the home. It can perform household chores and also download to a PDA so CG PaPeRo can go "virtually" anywhere.

New Scientist Tech - Breaking News - Wine-tasting robot to spot fraudulent bottles


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