Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Korean Eldercare Robots Are Coming

The Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Energy of Korea announced the next phase of the plan to get robots into every home by 2020.

The next stage will place helper robots in the homes of elderly Koreans. The robots are designed specifically for home care. They will be able to monitor the health of their master by checking pulse, blood pressure and the blood sugar levels. They will keep track of medications but also be a friendly companion who can play chess, sing songs and tell stories.

The home care robots are a continuation and significant expansion of current research. A recent article says, "More than 600 researchers from 11 companies, and some 20 universities and institutes will participate in the project for one year's time, the ministry said."

Korea is promoting development of robots in a plan to be a major producer of robots worldwide by 2013.
Their research efforts include robots for the military, robots for 'social safety', robot babysitters and teachers.
Their home robot, Ubiquitous Robot Companion, program plans to have 1000 network-connected robots in homes by the end of the year.

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