Monday, July 17, 2006

Neurosurgery Robot

The Pathfinder is a surgery assistant robot for brain surgery.
It takes images of the patient's brain from CT, MRI, or etc to register the position of the probe with the patient. It can align the surgical tools to within 1 mm. Older manual methods require a mechanical frame to position the tools.
According to the brochure,"PathFinder redefines stereotaxy." Which is okay because who knew the defintion of stereotaxy to begin with. [Technique of brain surgery. Neurological surgery involving the insertion of delicate instruments that are guided to the relevant area by the use of three-dimensional scanning techniques.]

Pathfinder is made by Armstrong Healthcare, a privately held company in the UK, and is proving out very well in clinical trials. Armstrong has recently gotten another round of venture funding and is planning to introduce more products in 2007.
The new product releases may also involve a new promotional campaign and name change for Armstrong as they transtition from a research to a commercial operation.

Armstrong Healthcare

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