Monday, April 10, 2006

Walking Stalker Landmines

CALGARY, AB--(MARKET WIRE)-- Cyberhand Technologies International, Inc. (Other OTC:CYHD), announced today that it has begun construction on its first anti-personnel fighting robot prototype.
The announcement was made through its military defense division, Cylogic Aerospace.

This prototype, the first in a series of Mobile Miniature Anti-Personnel (MMAP) devices designed as a form of "Smart Mines" programmed for specific targets.
It is a hard-wired, six-legged scale model of an anti-personnel fighting robot.

This is the first in a line of prototypes that will result in a fully automated, all weather, miniature, walking land mine and anti-personnel weapon system. The mobile field control distributor (MFCD) can coordinate up to 1000 MMAP units simultaneously in real time hostile conditions.

Mr. Michael Burke, CEO of Cyberhand Technologies, commented, "This unit will be able to track targets in a given area for hours, days and even weeks before responding to a command to acquire and neutralize any individual target."

The announcement does not say if this is related to DARPA's Self Healing Minefield projects.

Cyberhand Technologies International Begins Construction on Anti-Personnel Fighting Robot Prototype for Military Use: Financial News - Yahoo! Finance


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