Saturday, April 08, 2006

Female Robot Warrior

Robot creator Tomotaka Takahashi of Robo Garage has come up with a female version of his friendly robots. Named FT for 'Female Type', it is 35 cm tall and walks like a fashion model.

"There're loads of male-type and child-type robots around, so we figured making one in the style of a woman would be good for PR and stuff, as well as create new demand," Tomotaka Takahashi said during a Friday media conference.

To counter the instability resulting from FT's slim-line figure, Robo Garage installed two sensors inside the robot that detect if it's starting to lean. When activated, the sensors stop FT moving so that it can regain its balance.

FT took 13 months to build and cost several million yen.

'Female' robot 'models' in Kyoto - MSN-Mainichi Daily News

About Takahashi robots.


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